CHILI GraFx is the Creative Automation platform that boosts creativity, scalability and output in graphical production.

Scalable Creativity

Experience versatility, brand governance, and any volume of personalized media creation. Pro-level tools enable stunning design for all your self-serve or data-driven content creation.


MarTech is an ecosystem not a monolith. CHILI GraFx is built to interface easily and securely with any tech stack, enabling the free flow of data and creative output between systems in any direction.

Custom Solutions

CHILI GraFx’s open architecture, SDKs and APIs enable the creation of bespoke graphical production solutions to meet all your in-house needs or create productized solutions for the market.

ROI-driven Outcomes

Operational inefficiency gains and increased campaign personalization enable the delivery of any volume of impactful content at lower costs. See reduced waste of resources and time as you deliver incredibly effective campaigns.


See your creative output grow exponentially while bringing new skills to your teams and reducing repetitive work. You’ll produce more impactful, on-brand content with less resources, freeing up the creative potential of your teams.


Enable ‘glocal’ customization of branded content by remote teams or build the data-driven marketing solution of the future. Creative automation brings limitless scalability to your creativity.


Personalize content and style for maximum impact then reach your prospects through the multichannel. Creative automation outputs unlimited variations ready for distribution through any digital or print channel.